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Fictitious Farm

Your source for pastured pork & poultry

We are committed to raising our animals humanely with kindness and dignity.  We are not certified organic, however, we follow many of the organic standards.

Quality matters.  It's the details that influence how well an animal lives - from food to bedding.  A high-quality,  stress-free environment translates into amazingly tender and tasteful meat.

You have a right to trust your food.  We'll tell you exactly where your food comes from and we welcome (and encourage) questions.


We are a family owned farm located in upstate New York.  At Fictitious Farm we only raise the highest quality meat to put on your family's table. All of our pork and chicken are pasture raised: No GMO's, No Hormones, No Antibiotics. You can trust that we are here to take care of your family and consistently bring you the best meat.

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