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Our Checklist

Fictitious Farm's Meat & Eggs Check All Of The Boxes:

Humanely Raised

No Antibiotics or Hormones

High Quality

Our Poultry

All-natural, pastured and antibiotic free!


2019 Chicken CSA

A "CSA" stands for "Community Supported Agriculture".  Members buy a share for the season upfront and get a product throughout the season as it comes available.  CSA runs from June - October


Full Share:  $500.00

Full share CSA members get one chicken every week for 20 weeks during the season as well as a free turkey.


Half Share:  $250.00

Half share CSA members get a total of 10 chickens ever other week for 20 weeks.


Quarter Share:  $125.00

Quarter share CSA members get a total of 5 chickens once a month.


1 Dozen Pastured Eggs - $4.00/dozen

Whole Chicken - $5.00/ lb. 

Bone-In Chicken Breast - $6.00/lb.

Bone-In Chicken Thigh - $7.00/lb.

Chicken Quarter - $6.00/lb.

Chicken Wings - $3.00/lb. 

Chicken Legs

Chicken Livers and Hearts

Thanksgiving Turkey's - $4.50/lb.

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